Mobile App: Person Panel

The Person Panel in the Mobile App allows you to review all the details of a particular person and allows you to edit the data with ease. The Main Panel Area provides an overview of the candidate's position, education, compensation, location, project details and contact information.

Upon triggering the Person Panel from People View or Other View, the application will present the person and their details.

The same data in the person panel of the Mobile App will hold the same information as seen in the Desktop version. 

*Please Note: This information can be changed and/or removed by click on the existing data. The support article with the full list is here.

If person has the following values in their record then the corresponding hyperlinked icons will display:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email (Tap and hold the Email address to copy it to your phone's clipboard)
  • Text
  • Call (Tap and hold the phone number to copy it to your phone's clipboard)

Users can select to view only one Note at a time. The mobile app will display the selected below the Person Panel details.

Task can also be created in the Person Panel, to be assigned to yourself or another Team member.

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