Mobile App: People View

The Mobile App provides a full list of your People Database. This article will support the features and details in order to guide you through the flow of contacting and updating your Candidates.


People View can be sorted by: Name, Company, and Title

Person Icons

If a person has the following flags on, they will show next to their name and if greater than 3 they will show in the drop down. 

If a person has the following values in their record then the corresponding hyperlinked icon’s will be displayed.

Adding a Note

Users can add a Note to a Person Record by tapping the Note icon, opening the add note screen. You can select a Template, Type, and/or Project to save with the note.

Please Note: Users can upload a file from their phone while adding a Note. The Upload file is automatically saved to note 

If you would like to remove the creation of the Note then you can click Cancel and a display warning will be provided. 

Adding a Task

Users can add a Task to focused Person Record. 

Enter a Title for your task and select the type. 
You can correlate tasks with People, Projects, and Deals through the Context drop downs. Select the Context and then use the search filter to find your desired record.

Select the Date and Time the Tasks should be complete. If the Task has a duration you can enter an end time. This is optional.

The Assign To field, it defaulted to the logged in user. Users can assign Task to others by searching and selecting other Firm Users from the Assign To drop down.

Select the "Create ics" which will then send an email notification out to the Assignee (Assigned to). Be sure to click "Add Task" to complete the process.

If you would like to remove the creation of the Task then you can click Cancel and a display warning will be provided.


The LinkedIn hyperlink will guide you to the correct URL inside of the Person Record.


The Email link will open your email client so you can send the message directly to the candidate.


Text hyperlink will use the phone number and open your texting app.


Using this hyperlink will show the phone number you want to Call and then you can confirm before it dials.

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