Mobile App: People Search and Filters

This support article will highlight the Search and Filters features inside of the Mobile App.


Inside of the mobile People View, users can search by clicking on the Search button at the bottom of the screen, and entering the keyword or name of the search.

The People Search Omnibox searches with an OR operand between entries entered into the same Omnibox and the choice between OR, AND, or NOT operand between Omniboxes. To add additional criteria use the "+" icon and another text search box will appear. Any entries made in the second box will be searched with an AND or NOT operand between the entries made in the first box AND/NOT the second.


Your full list of Filters will be displayed with dropdown options to view the selections.

Users can add more than one filtering criteria at a time. At the end of the Filter, a badge number will display how many options have been selected in each Filter.

Your filters will reflect the same as your desktop version. If you have a filter hidden in the desktop view then it will reflect in the Mobile App.

Note: In this article, we will highlight the Filters that have additional changes and specifics to better detail your search.

Job Title

You can filter for Current, Past, Past, Not Current and Undated. Status is based on timeline:

  • All: All history related to the job title irrespective of the timeline
  • Current: Current has a timeline which is ongoing OR  “Present” Has start date and no end date
  • Past: All job titles related to past; Not Current: Only previous job titles, Present job titles won’t be considered 
  • Undated: Has no date or timeline reference 


Users can enter Company names in the text field to search.

  • All: All People with the selected company in their record
  • Current: Only people with the selected company in their present record 
  • Past: Only people with the selected company in their past record 
  • Undated: Has no date or timeline reference 

Candidate Status

Statuses can be entered in the text field or scrolled and selected.
Candidate Status could have a timeline or point of reference:

  • Current: Current is true if the User has an active status
  • Current at Least: This is true if Candidate is on an active project currently with at least the Specified status or higher
  • Peak: Peak is true if the Candidate has status that is the selected Status or below
  • Peak at Least: A candidate on any project, active or closed, with at least X status or higher.


Users can search for Tags by typing in the text field or selecting the displayed list of related Tags. Search for Multiple Tags by using the AND/OR slider.

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