Mobile App: Candidates List

Below is a brief overview of the Candidate List found inside of a desired Project. View or edit the Candidate status, visibility, email, phone, full profile link & more.

The Candidates List will hold the following details:
Profile picture, Name, Position Summary, Visibility Toggle, Category Color, Candidate Status, LinkedIn Profile, and Note.

Users can sort Candidate’s List by: Rank, Name, Company, and Candidate Status
Candidates are Sorted by Ascending for Company and Name.

Users can toggle the visibility button on, making candidate profiles visible to everyone. 

Users can update candidate statuses

Users can select Color Category.

Clicking on the candidate’s name will open up their candidate record.

Search for the candidates in your project instead of scrolling down the list.
User's can add candidate's directly from the project by Clicking the "+ Add" button and choosing between a Quick Search from your People database and Creating a New record.

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