Mobile App: Person Note

Follow the steps below to successfully sort through your notes and learn all of the hidden features inside of the Mobile App.

Inside of the Person Record, click on the Notes button with the number badge above it.  Notes are displayed in chronological order (with which they were created or updated). Latest update of a particular note thread is displayed first

Note Filters

Under the panel header, are a list of the different Filters to help you sort and find your Notes.

The User that filed the Note.

Note Types
Different Note Types that the note was created under.

The date the Note was created or updated.

Where the Note is filed.

Show or Hide Reply

Click “Show/Hide Replies” in order to expand or collapse the full thread in the Notes section.

Reply or Pin Note

Swipe right on the note to see the features hidden behind them:

  • Right side (Orange) you have the feature to Pin your desired note. Only one note can be pinned at a time.
  • Left side (Purple) note that you would like to reply to then click the "Reply” button on the left side, in the Purple box. Replies shown in “Show Replies”.

Edit or Delete Note

Swipe left on the note to see the features hidden behind them:

  • Left side (Grey) you have the feature to Edit your desired note.
  • Right side (Red) will display a pop-up asking you to confirm deleting the Note from the record.

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