The Check In: New People Filters and Search

In case you missed it, Jessica Burgos from Clockwork’s Product Team, joined Tatiana Grebennik from Clockwork’s Success Team on “The Check-In” (a monthly webinar for Clockwork users to show us the New People Filters and Search coming soon. 

Here is what we covered this time on “The Check-In”:

  • New Boolean filtering capabilities to apply "And, Or, Not" search criteria to filters
  • New filters such as Candidate Ratings, Rankings and Enrichment Date.
  • Using keywords and understanding the top 3 filters
  • Saving new filter views and setting a default view.
  • How to search and source deeper for highly qualified candidates.

If you have any additional questions about the Check-In or to provide training for your team, feel free to contact us at

Thanks for Checking-In with us and see you next time!

If you missed past episodes of the Check In you can watch them all here

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