The Check In: Marketing and Business Development Using Clockwork

If you weren't able to attend, Thaddeus Andres, Director of Marketing at Clockwork, joined Tatiana Grebennik from Clockwork’s Success Team on “The Check-In” (a monthly webinar for Clockwork users) to focus on marketing and business development best practices and using Clockwork in the BD process.

Here is what we covered this time on “The Check-In”:

  • Quick Wins For Marketing Your Search Firm
  • How To Leverage Clockwork's CRM and Deals For Business Development
  • Building A Marketing List In Clockwork
  • Where and How To Use Clockwork While Pitching A Search

Below are some links to some resources that we mentioned during the Webinar. 

  1. Slide Deck - Marketing Best Practices For Search Firms
  2. Target Market List Worksheet

If you have any additional questions about the Check-In or to provide training for your team, feel free to contact us at

Thanks for Checking-In with us and see you next time!

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