The Check-In: Working Smarter With Candidates & Projects In Clockwork

If you weren't able to attend, DaMarr Eagles from Clockwork’s support team joined Tatiana Grebennik from Clockwork’s success team on “The Check-In” (a monthly webinar for Clockwork users) to focus on how your search firm can work smarter with projects and candidates in Clockwork. 

Here is what we covered this time on “The Check-In”:

  • Configuring Contact Grabber for adding people directly to a project.
  • Pendulum Email - What is it and when should you use it?
  • Candidate vs. People Records - Why these are different and how they impact the way notes or documents appear.
  • Workflows - How to create and trigger time-based workflows for projects and candidates. 

If you have any additional questions about the Check-In or to provide training for your team, feel free to contact us at

Thanks for Checking-In with us!

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