The Check-In: Advanced Sourcing Webinar

If you weren't able to attend, DaMarr Eagles from Clockwork’s support team joined Tatiana Grebennik from Clockwork’s success team on “The Check-In” (a monthly webinar for Clockwork users) to focus on the different ways to add people into Clockwork and to a project during the research and sourcing stages of a search.

From leveraging Clockwork’s boolean search functionality to importing a CSV file from LinkedIn Recruiter, we covered it all in our 30-minute webinar on Advanced Sourcing With Clockwork. 

Here's the top 3 questions we covered:
  • How Do I Bulk Import People?
  • What Is Data Enrichment And How Does It Work?
  • What Are The Easiest Ways To Add Candidates To A Project?

If you have any additional questions about the Check-In or to provide training for your team, feel free to contact us at

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