The Check-In: Person Panel Webinar

Clockwork's Person Panel brings the latest in UI/UX design to the world of Executive Search. Through extensive research and testing with our users, Clockwork has developed an innovative panel-and-cards system to present Person Record information. Instead of hunting through fixed tabs, you can configure the information specific to your role, all in one view. 

The panel contains configurable cards of information, such as contact information, employment history, related Projects, and many more. The panel width, card widths, and card layout can all be configured to your needs. Once set, this view is saved for your specific Clockwork user account.

Webinar Recording

The following recording is from the Clockwork Customer Webinar on Person Panel. The video covers configuration of the panel and reviews many of the features of the panel and cards.


Below is a frequently asked questions on Person Panel.

How do I resize the panel to show more?

Hover over the edge of the panel, click and drag to the desired number of columns.

How do I rearrange the cards in the panel?

Click the rearrange button at the top right, drag and resize the cards to your liking, and click save.

Can I collapse or hide a card?

Click the arrow to collapse the card and drag it to the bottom of the panel.

If I move the cards on my screen, does it change for all the Person Records in my database?

Yes, the panel is saved for your user account and any subsequent views of other Person Records will look the same.

If I move the cards on my screen, does it change for everyone at my firm?

No, the panel is saved for just your user account. In this way, a Partner can have a different view than a Researcher, each with just the information important to their role.

Is there a way to open Person Panel in a new tab?

Yes, in the People Database or any Candidate list, you can right click each name in the table to open each record in a separate browser tab.

Why can't I open the panel wide enough to show three columns?

Your browser window might not be wide enough for three columns. Try again with the browser window full screen and if you continue to have trouble you may need a higher resolution screen.

Do Candidates on a Project look and function the same way?

Yes, they are the same. There are some very minor differences in the information displayed because they are a candidate on a Project instead of a general Person Record, but generally the panel and cards view and the information in the cards is the same.

How do you edit contact information in this view?

Simply click to edit in the contact card. If the person already has contact information in the header, click the arrow to quickly jump to the contact card to edit the information.

There used to be a history section where you could see who and what has changed with a candidate. Where is this information now?

This information is now under ‘Activities’.

Where are the tags?

Tags are available right below the header of the panel. Click ‘add’ to add a tag and ‘apply’ to apply tags. Tags must already be set up and cannot be created on the fly. This approach helps to ensure data cleanliness.

How do I click on the candidate profile to see all the projects they are currently on?

The Active Projects count (and deals, clients, etc.) is only available in Person Panel.

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