In your Profile tab you will have multiple settings that will be covered in this article.

Contact Information

In order to change your contact information, click “Edit” and you will be able to change your Email, Time zone, and Password.


Select the type of Email Client you are using within Clockwork. The options that you have to choose from are the following:

1. Web mail - meaning you use an email application like Gmail to send work emails. When clicking on an email link in CW a new tab will open up.

2. Client Application - meaning you use an email client application like Apple Mail to send emails. When you click on an email link in CW a new tab will NOT open - your email application will open.

Web mail = new tab opens

Client Application = no new tab

Whichever view is selected in your Profile Default Project View will always be chosen when you enter a project. If you would like your Dashboard to be the first thing you see when you enter a project then you can make that change in this setting:

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