Long List

Early in your search, there are generally a larger number of candidates on the project. Rather than thumb through many pages of candidates, going deep into their details, you can quickly run down the list of them, reviewing only critical data, as shared with you by your Firm.  

This article will show you the features in the Long List tab as a client.

The Header of the table can be used to sort candidates by the chosen field.

Clicking on the LinkedIn symbol will navigate you to the person’s LinkedIn site. If the symbol is greyed out then there is no URL associated with the account.

Clicking on the person’s name will open the Candidate Panel. In the Candidate Panel, you will be able to view the Overview of their Person Record as well as their notes related to the Project. 

Adding or replying to a note to the person from the Candidate Panel, can be done by clicking the Note Symbol.  At the bottom of the Notes tab, you can see the “+” to add a note to the Person.

Clicking on the Menu button next to a note will allow you the chance to reply to that note.

If the rating score is visible then in Long List and Status Report; by hovering over the star rating in the candidate panel you can see each individual rating.

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