In this article we will cover the Dashboard. The Dashboard communicates at a high level the status of the project, the work being accomplished, and the progress being made. The drop down option under “Outreach” can be altered to show notes in the Last 7 days, Last Month, and Last 3 Months.  

The drop down for “Candidates Added” can be altered to show how often a person is added to the project. It can be filtered by Day, Week, and Month.

The “In Process” and “Out” charts give you a clear idea of how many candidates are in what stages of the process by Status. You can view the counts of Candidates in each Status as a list of a Bar Chart.

As a client, you can add notes to a project. An email notification will be sent to all clients and users on the project once sent. If there is a note present then you can click on the same note to reply in the Dashboard section.

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