My Projects

Accounts Dashboard

Once logged into your account can click on the the Clockwork dropdown and select Accounts Dashboard

From here, you can see which other projects they have been invited to.

Easily switch between projects across Firms that you are working with.

My Projects

This view shows all of the active projects that you have been invited to. 

Candidate Count

Clients will be able to see how many Candidates are on each Project and the Highest Status a candidate has. If more than one Candidates holds the highest status, Clients will see the total number of Candidates that hold that status.

Client Details

Clients can hover over the client team to see their details.

If there are more than five clients on one project, you can click on the "+" and the rest of the clients will become visible.

Return to Project List

Inside of a project, you can get back to the previous projects list by clicking on the “Project” button.

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