Account Setup

This article will provide the step by step process to create an account as an invited Client to a project within Clockwork. 

As a Client, you will receive an email once the invite is sent out by a Firm User on the project. Clicking “View Project” will navigate to a page to create your account.

There will be two options to activate your account with “LinkedIn” or “Email & Password”:

*Note: If you use LinkedIn to activate your account, your LinkedIn login email MUST be the same as your account invitation email. You will not gain access to your account via LinkedIn if the emails are different.

If you select Use Email and Password, you will be directed to a screen where you can create your account password. The green bar moves to determine the strength of your password as it is being created. There is an option to see that password as well before you “Activate my account”.
Note: A Strong password is required to complete the activation process. 

Once your password is created and you select “Activate my account” then you will be directed to the project dashboard. 

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