What Email Integration Looks Like

Email Integration In Use
Below you will see Email Integration in use. Notice each message has been captured - the correspondence between you and your contact. The paper plane icon indicates an outgoing email from you to the contact while the inbox indicates an incoming message from the contact.

Clicking on a message or line opens up detailed dialogue within a panel. Below you will see an outgoing email to the contact opened in panel view. The panel opens the dialogue for your convenience.

Note: Users must have a folder labeled inbox in their email for the integration to sync properly. If there is no inbox the integration will not catch incoming mail.

Delete Email

This action can only be completed by a User with the role Partner or Admin.

When an email correspondence has been captured and you would like to remove the thread. Click on the ellipsis at the end of the email and click "Delete".

The Delete confirmation will pop up in a second window. Once you confirm deleting the email then you will see a notice at the top of your screen that the email has been removed.

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