People: Table Interactions

Click the Settings wheel to choose which columns to display within the Peoples Table.

Sortable Columns
At the top will be column names that you can click on to sort. When you do click on one, a small arrow will appear to the right of the column name indicating the direction of the sort. Trigger to header of column will sort in ascending then descending order.

Sorted from Ascending to Descending Status (notice the arrow pointing up then down).

Adjustable Columns

Adjust the width of each column to your liking. Hovering your curser over the column dividing lines prompts an arrow allowing the adjustments.

*Notice the width difference below - wider column width.

Reposition Columns
Hover, click and hold your cursor over the column header that you'd like to reposition. Save your view once complete (see below).

Save Your View
Saving the view stores your column display, sort, position & width preferences. The system will reapply these preferences when you revisit the People page in the future.

Please Note

  • Clicking on Resume or LinkedIn icons will open the Resume file or LinkedIn profile in a new tab.
  • Address and Compensation fields will each be combined into single columns for more convenient display.

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