Deals: Details

Everything you need in terms of tracking a deal is within the Deals panel. It captures all activity within the deal and lets the team see where things are at with a deal in real time.

  • Deal Size
  • Likelihood
  • About
  • Deal Status
  • Deal Stage
  • Add A Note

1. Deal Size is the amount of money that's been determined for the deal and what the expected fee might be. You can edit this number by simply clicking the amount listed.

2. Likelihood of the deal is self explanatory as it indicates how likely a deal will close successfully. The user can edit this by moving the bar left or right indicating the percentage of likelihood of the deal.

3. The About section allows the user to input important information about the deal and/or the company itself. To make edits within this section simply click the text within About and a box will populate allowing edits/additions.

4. The Deal Status allows all team members to track how a deal is progressing. By clicking the Status box it allows you to select which stage the deal is at in real time. Options include: Go Get The $, Target, Communication, Qualify, ID Needs, Pitch, Negotiate, Closed

5. The Deal Stage allows team members to see the stage of the deal. Simply click the box to edit the Deal Stage. Options include: Active, Won, Lost, Passed, On Hold

*Note - When a Deal is changed to Won the Target People do not move over to the newly created Project. You can search Won Deals to find the Target People and then manually add them your new Project.

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