Deals: Targets

The Deals panel allows team members to see the progress of business development with targeted companies and people. Warning signs (yellow triangles) informs users and team members that a company or person is active on a deal.

Target People or a Company
You can target a person or company when adding contacts to a Deal.

Add a Target to a Deal:
1. Access the deal you wish to add Targets to
2. Click "+Add"

3. A new window will populate asking if you'd like to Target a person or company within the deal.

4. Select the person or company then enter in the name. Contacts within your database will auto-populate, then click "Add Target". The target will then be added to your Deal.

Once a target is added to a deal, whether it be a person or company, the warning sign - triangle will appear next to the name as seen below.

The person targeted within a deal:

The company targeted within a deal:

Warning Sign Icons
The yellow triangle icon means business development is being done with a particular company. This informs you and your team that the company is actively on a deal. Not only is the company apart of the deal but you will notice the yellow warning icon will also appear next to your contact's names who currently work at those companies. This allows your firm to keep track of your business development efforts.

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