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Viewing notes either specific to a Person or to a Project has been made easy through the Clockwork Recruiting platform. In this article, we will show you the two ways you can see or edit notes:

From the People Menu

1. Head over to your left menu bar and click People to access the list of person in your database. Look for the person you need to view the notes of and click on their name. You will be directed to their own individual page.

2. Next, click on the Notes tab and wait for the page to load. On this page, you will first see drop-downs that can help customize your search in case you are looking for specific notes. 

Clicking on Add a new note... will expand a section where you can enter a new note directly from here.

3. In the section that expands, you can format your note based on your needs, and Select a Note Type using the drop-down to categorize it. This is where you enter the text for the notes.

In the Not filled in drop-down, you can select whether this note is filed under the Person's name, or shared throughout the specific project they are involved in.

You will see extra options when a Project is selected instead of the Person's name.

Attach a file by clicking Add File, and click the blue Save Note button to complete the process.

4. When you scroll down a bit further, you will find the aggregated notes associated with this specific person, whether they are filed under their name or under a project.

The note that is not filed under a project will not have a link, while the note associated with a project will. The company name will be linked from here for easier navigation.

This toggle switch signifies that this specific note is visible to the client.

From the Projects Menu

5. Another way you can view the Notes related to a Person is through the Projects menu. Simple click on Projects in the menu from the left-hand sidebar, and select the project a candidate is involved in.

6. Look for the candidate you are interested in seeing the notes of, and expand their details by clicking on the blue Show details text. It should show you all the details about this person, including the notes specific to the project.

7. Scroll down and find the Notes section. You should be able to see the same exact section as the one from the Person's page. However, on this one, you will only be able to see the notes specifically filed under the project. You will not see the notes that are filed under the Person.


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