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In this article, you will learn how to set up and use Contact Grabber from start to finish. Contact Grabber is a Chrome browser extension that makes it much easier to pull Linkedin profiles into Clockwork.

Install Contact Grabber
Applying Your Firm's Import URL
Adding People Using Contact Grabber
Update Existing People with Contact Grabber

Install Contact Grabber

1. Make sure you  have Chrome installed on your system.  You can download Chrome here. 

2. Once Chrome is set up, navigate over to  this link to add Contact Grabber as an extension to Chrome. Please note that you will not be able to find Contact Grabber inside the Chrome Web Store by searching. Use the link provided to find it:

Contact Grabber in Chrome Web Store

3. When the installation is completed, you will see the contact grabber icon in the top right corner of your browser, along with any other extensions you may have installed:

4. From time to time, you will need to update Contact Grabber as the code changes. We have a  separate article on this process here.

Applying Your Firm's Import URL

5. You could use Contact Grabber as is to download LinkedIn profile details to your computer. However, we highly recommend you take a few additional steps so that the profile details feed right into your Clockwork account. First, right click on your  ContactGrabber extension icon and select  Options:

ContactGrabber Extension Options

6. You will see the Contact Grabber Options page open in a new tab. This is where you direct where to send your new contacts. First, choose the Upload to website option [1]. A new field will appear [2] where you can enter your Firm's Import URL or a Project Specific URL. We will show you where to find your Firm's URL in the next step. Project Specific URLs can be found using this other support article. Also notice the Active Destination URL drop-down menu [3], which you will use after entering in your Import URL(s):

Contact Grabber Options

7. Keep the Contact Grabber Options browser tab open, and open up a new web browser tab to log in to Clockwork. Then, click on your Profile circle in the top right corner, select Profile, and then click on the Firm tab. Complete instructions on how to access this tab can be found here. Once there, you should see the Firm tab highlighted, and below you will find  your Import  URL that you need to copy and paste back into the Upload to website field seen in step 2 above:

Firm Import URL for Contact Grabber

8. After you have pasted that Import URL into its correct location [1], select the proper option in the drop-down box [2] and check the Go to new tab option if that is your preference. Last but not least, make sure you scroll down to the very bottom and click on Save [3]:

Paste Contact Grabber Import URL

Adding People Using Contact Grabber

9. Now, when you find a LinkedIn profile you want to capture, you can import it directly into your Clockwork database. To do this, simply navigate to the LinkedIn profile page you wish to import and click on the Contact Grabber icon in your extensions menu. 

Alternatively, if you wish to have more control over where the contact ends up, you may right-click anywhere to bring up the browser's contextual menu. Hover over the ContactGrabber option [1], then hover over Upload to website [2]. Finally, click on the place where you want the contact to go inside Clockwork [3]:

LinkedIn Right Click Contact Grabber Menus

10. Depending on the options you chose in step 8 above, the system may leave you in LinkedIn or it may open a new tab inside Clockwork showing the new contact.

Update Existing People with Contact Grabber

11. What if the person already exists inside Clockwork? No problem. Clockwork runs duplication checks on both the email address and LinkedIn profile URL and will prompt you to merge any duplicate entries it finds.

12. If you have any existing position and contact information on your Clockwork records for a person and decide to grab the LinkedIn related information, you will need to know which information persists. The following information is updated in such a situation:

  • Images are updated
  • Name is updated
  • Bio is updated (looks for same text to avoid duplication, but does append any changes)
  • Positions are compared
    • If the same text is found (same title/position), the dates are updated (puts an end date on a current position).
    • If the text is new, positions are added.
  • Education is compared and updated just like Positions
  • Relationships are updated - records are added for the user or method of updating the contact 

Next, you will likely want to learn how to import contacts into specific projects using ContactGrabber.

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