Firm Settings: Configure Clockwork Fields

Firm Settings Configurations
As a User you have the ability to configure the following within your Firm:
Industries, Investors, Statuses, Specialties, and Note Types. 

Below is an example of configuring a Note Type. Please know these settings are only available to the Partner and Admin roles.

1. Access Firm Settings and then click the "Configure" tab.

2. Here, we are adding a Note Types within the Info category:

Note Types

3. Click the "Add Note Type" button.

4. Once clicked, a box will auto-populate, offering the options of Note Name and Note Category. Once you fill in the boxes, you will then click "Add New Note Type".

5. Here, you can see that we added Weekly Meeting as a Note Type within my Project's note section:

Other Configurable's
Users now have the option of selecting "Seniorities" from the drop down window when configuring your Firm Settings.

You can select from the list of standard "Seniorities" titles or simply create your own by clicking "Add Seniority".


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