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We will show you here how to invite a person to become a Client in one of your existing projects.

1. Navigate to the Projects main menu option. Find the Project you would like to invite your client to and click on the project name.

2. Inside the Project on the far right, you will see a Clients box. Click on the blue Invite link to proceed.

3. A Client Project Invitation box will populate. When you begin typing in their name, the drop-down box should auto-populate so you can select the person you'd like to invite. Please remember that they must already exist in your People database in order to invite them as a Client.  

Your client's information is used to auto-generate an email invitation which can be customized and edited to your liking. Once you are satisfied with your edits and the message, click Invite.

4. Your client will now appear in the Clients box of the project on the right along with a status alerting you to whether they have activated their account. You can also see when they last logged in to view the project.

If your client has "Not yet activated" due to not receiving the email or needs the direct link, then navigate to the bottom right corner of their respective box to the chain links symbol to copy the invitation link to send to the client.   

You may also highlight an activated/existing Client's information with your cursor then move to the bottom right corner of their respective box to see which email address the invite was delivered to. When you hover over the envelope, the email address will appear.

The Orange Icon
Once the Client has been added to a Project, you will then see a symbol indicating that person is a Client on a Project or has been a Client on a Project in the past (if closed).

In your People database, you will be able to select a person & mouse over the symbol to see a pop up that displays the Projects the Person is a client on or has been a client on in the past (if closed).

You can see up to 3 projects in the mouse over popup window. If their are more than 3 projects the person is a Client on, then a 4th line with a link will display "More". Clicking on this link will take you to the Projects tab page under the Person record.

Each Project listed is a live link that will take you directly to that Project.

The next article in our Clockwork Training Series will show you another way to confirm whether or not the client has activated.


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