Candidate Record vs Contact Record

The best way to understand the difference between a person's Candidate Record and their Contact Record is to understand where  you will encounter each of these records in Clockwork:

Candidate Records

If you are looking at a person’s profile from the inside of a project  then you are looking at their Candidate Record this record will pull a good deal of contact & employment information from the person's Contact Record, but will only show you Notes and Files that are relevant to this project in particular:

Only the Notes that are written within a person's Candidate Record will be visible in the project, and to the clients that you invite to that project.  Clients will not be able to see notes that are written on the person's Contact Record.

Contact Records

If you click on that person’s name from inside of a Project, or  if you have found that contact from within your People database, then you are looking at that person's Contact Record:

Inside a person's Contact Record is where you can see all of the information your team has gathered for that person in aggregate.  For example, you can see:

  • All the files that have ever been uploaded for this contact
  • Every project the person has been a candidate on  and  how far they made it in the process (ie.  watermark)
  • All the Notes that have been recorded for this contact
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