Contact Grabber - Project Specific Setup

Here, we are going to show you how to add people directly into a specific project within Clockwork using Contact Grabber. If you haven't used ContactGrabber before,  we suggest you head over to this article to get it all set up for the first time.

Normally, if you just put your  Firm's upload URL into Contact Grabber, the contacts will be added to your People database but they won't be assigned to any project. You can save yourself some time by grabbing the specific Project import URL by following these steps.

  Click on Projects [1] in the Clockwork main menu, then find the project that you will be adding people to and click on its name [2]

Navigate to Project

2. Click on the Admin tab [1], then scroll down to find the Import URL [2]. Copy it to your clipboard:

Select Admin Tab Find Project Import URL

3. Once again you will want to right-click on the Contact Grabber extension icon [1] in the upper right corner of your browser window, and choose Options [2]:

Right Click Contact Grabber Choose Options

4. On the new tab that opens up with the Contact Grabber Options, paste the Project import URL below any existing URLs [1]. Then choose your preferred destination for newly added contacts in the drop-down menu [2]:

Paste Project Import URL

5. Now you are finally ready to use Contact Grabber as before, but this time the contacts will be automatically assigned to the project you added to Contact Grabber.

Next up in our Clockwork Training course is Setting up Client Visibility in the Project Candidate Tab.


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