Add Candidates from Within a Project

Today, you will learn how to add a Person to a Project as a Candidate from inside that same Project.

1. If you are not inside a Project already, you will need to click on the Projects option to the left [1] and find the Project you are going to add Candidates to. Click on the Project title name [2] to open it:

Navigate to Project

2. From within the selected Project, make sure the Candidates tab is highlighted [1] (it is the default tab when you enter the project). Then, look for the Add Candidate button on the right [2] and click on it:

Find Add Candidate Button Inside Projects Candidate Tab

3. Upon clicking the Add Candidate button, a new window will appear. Start typing at least three letters of the Person's name [1]. Any matching Candidate will appear as suggestions [2], and from there, you can click the Add button [3] to put that Person into the project. If the Person is not in the people database yet, click the Create New Person [4] to add them:

Add Candidate to Project


4. For Candidates that have LinkedIn profiles, we recommend Contact Grabber to quickly import Candidates directly into Projects.


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