Candidate Login: Permissions

The Candidate Permissions tab puts the data in the candidates hands. In the beginning, when a candidate first logs in, they will be dropped into the permissions view with no permissions selected; they will continue to be dropped into the permissions view until they update their permissions.

Active opt in is required on the part of the candidate per the GDPR/Privacy Policy regulations, and if a candidate is not interested in a firm’s search then they can remove that information by unmarking the sharing personal information consent and update the permissions.

If a candidate is interested in sharing their information with the corresponding firm then they can mark the appropriate boxes. Before consenting to the permissions, a candidate can click or tap the Privacy Policy link to see corresponding Firms’ privacy policy. Candidates can also click or tap the Website link to navigate to the corresponding Firms’ website.

Candidates should click “Update Permission” to save permission settings.

IF a candidate removes full permissions for personal data, a pop up window will display asking to confirm the removal request.

Once the candidate confirms the removal then a time stamped log will display in permissions view.

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