Candidate Login: Details

In this Candidates Details article, users will be able to view and edit all of their data. The data that appears here is the same data that firms have on their person records. 

After logging into Clockwork, the candidate is taken to the Default Details View where they can see the data that the Firm has. This will allow the candidate to edit and update any old information that is currently showing in order to put their best foot forward.


Candidates can click or tap the text field to edit the Biography Card.

Self Identification

Self Identification is a special category that candidates do not have to provide data or fulfill.

Candidates give permission to Firm to use this information and manage their data. If the candidate decides that they do not want to display certain information then they can remove the permissions and Clockwork will remove the data from the Firm environment. 

The following context for Self Identification is just an example:

Click the consent box in order to make the “I Agree” button highlight and clickable.

Once the candidate consents to the Self Identification then Gender and Nationality Custom Fields populate inside of the card.

The candidate can choose or delete their identification details at any time.


Add Document

Click “+Add Document” to drag and drop your file. 

View Document

Candidates can click or tap uploaded documents to view. In the same Documents card, you can view, expand, download, and print resumes by clicking the icon in the header.



Edit/Delete Documents

Candidates can click or tap the Documents field to edit or delete the Documents.


Candidates Add/Edit their contact details and can choose their preferred option for communication.


Candidates can add positions by clicking the “+Add Position”.

Candidates will be able to select if the position is their current or preferred position.

Click or tap the position field to edit the data. The option to delete the position will become available.


Candidates can add Location by clicking the “+Add Address”.

Click or tap the address field to edit the data. The option to delete the address will become available.


Candidates can add Education by clicking the “+Add Education”

Candidates can click or tap the Education field to edit or delete the Education details.

Candidates can add Links by clicking “+Add Links” at the bottom of the card.

Candidates can click or tap the Link field to edit or delete the Link.

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