View the Candidates on the Project, their status, critical dates, and more in the Candidates view.

Candidate Details 

Clicking on “Show Details” will expand a window showing the person’s profile information.

You can also add a note to the person record for the Firm to see and potentially respond to. In the note there is a button to add a file to your note and two check boxes showing Notify the Team and Notify the Client.

*Note: The checked boxes can not be unchecked. Any note created will notify  the Firm’s users and clients once you click “Save Note”.

Status Change

As a client on a project, you can see and change the status of a person to determine where they are in a process. 

The dates and star rating in the image below are features that the firm makes visible at their own discretion.

Export Report

Navigate to the Candidates tab. Click “Export Report”. After exporting, you will see a notice that a link has been emailed to you to download the report.

Click the link in the email and once the download is complete then the PDF. will open with the most recent status report information for each visible candidate.

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